Why Emotional Elder Abuse (EEA) seldom ends well for anyone who cries for help…

Out of respect for the elder, we, the community and its members, don’t pursue any reports of abuse if the elder denies any wrongdoing. Out of respect for the elder, a family member who suspects EEA at the hands of another family member, tries to keep in mind the respect, dignity and honor of the elder and what public displays of family discord would do to them as they pursue options that are available to them in trying to help the elder. The community’s and the family member’s concerns about respect and honor are what perpetrators of EEA know how to manipulate to their benefit. In essence, what no one senses is the horrendous burden the one family member must take on in their fight to be heard. In this game where the perpetrator aims to win at all odds, it will be all about something nothing short of a situation that is designed to put that one person who is crying for help under so much emotional pressure that it either breaks them or they die fighting. This emotional pressure comes at them from four different directions.


Perpetrators of Emotional Abuse (EA) are usually our brothers or sisters. They are the brother or sister no one noticed wreaking havoc in the family, destroying relationships within the family over the years. They were the “odd man out”, always detached and always “moody” and confrontational, at best. Unbeknownst to the family, every member was at times being set up and targeted, either directly or indirectly. Conflict was always to be found in the family any time the perpetrator was amongst them where the destruction of the family unit was their singular goal in life. Perpetrators abhor such things – loving, supportive families – and seek joy in watching everyone scatter after turbulent incidences to their own separate corners of the world elsewhere to lick their wounds.

In adulthood, where EEA becomes the issue, the emotional pressure intensifies where, during these times, the worst pressure will be rendered upon the sibling that doesn’t give up their plight to help the elder.


Becoming aware of what we do personally to another human being when we miss the signs of Emotional Abuse and the detrimental effects it has on all of us.

Emotional Abuse isn’t readily reported, and because it is hard to prove, is essentially a silent epidemic that many learn to endure. My book “The Detrimental Effects of Emotional Abuse” exposes the perpetrator of Emotional Abuse for who they are. In order to understand how anyone can easily become a victim of spousal abuse or elder abuse, one must first understand what Emotional Abuse is.