Rob Ford: A Case Study in Emotional Abuse: One Man’s Attempt to turn a city sideways

In this case study, Former Mayor Robert Ford of Toronto, Ontario, gave her and the world an immense opportunity to observe, first hand, and show how he used a certain strategy, that is particular to perpetrators of Emotional Abuse, as described in her book, in such an effective manner that it put the entire city of Toronto in absolute turmoil and angst for his own agenda, without the city and its members being able to do much about it.

​Krumins conducted the study between October 2013 and October 2014, at a time when Ford had just gotten elected as the Mayor and before the world became aware of his addictions and ‘hidden’ lifestyle and true personality. How he constantly managed to hold power and control over so many different situations as he maintained his hard-core supporters constantly baffled not only the media but also the general public. It was all about how he was portraying himself to the world and what he was doing surreptitiously to hide his true manner and deeds.

​For all concerned, this case study offers everyone the chance to keep one step ahead of the offender by just knowing what and how they do what they do. It’s one thing to offer a practical step-by-step guide, it’s another to actually be able to offer everyone a chance to see how they do it in a real life situation.

​Whether in the home or on the world’s stage, the behavior of such a perpetrator and the manner in which they commit their crimes on various levels always involves an infringement of the victims’ rights and sometimes a complete violation of the law as it is taken to other levels of crime i.e. fraud, physical, negligence, etc.

​For millions of victims who have experienced living or working with an abusive individual, and for even more who are going through situations like Elder Abuse in their families, this offers a chance to find solace in gaining clarity from this study about how they were deceived by a loved one and that what happened to them could not have been prevented. In order to survive it, one would have had to know what to look for.

Rob Ford: A Case Study in Emotional Abuse: One Man's Attempt to Turn a City Sideways
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